Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Standings, Features 12/29

The standings are up after the Iowa and N.C. State upset victories. As predicted, Helter Skelter has fallen back to third, and Shane Ryan has re-taken his rightful place atop the leaderboard.

On to the features.

The Cream of the Crop

Shane Ryan and Richard Sarver have the best records at 10-1. Their picks have been identical to date, with both missing the Hawaii-Tulsa game, and both nailing yesterday's upsets. Their first difference of opinion comes this afternoon, with Ryan taking ECU and Sarver opting for the Maryland T(w)erps.

The Schneid Watch

The Schneid is a busy bus today, with 11 occupants at 4-7: Jim "Benny" Bennett, Tom Cacchione, Jeremy Forsythe, Robin Cohen, Dan Mooney, Brian Smith, Brian Leitten, Steve Ryan, Emily Radford, Jordan Glickson, and John Kairalla.

Together, they could form a really bad football team.

The Day's Biggest Winner

Erik Grell knocked it out of the park yesterday with N.C. State-32 and Iowa-24. We ruled him out after he lost his 34 and 35 picks, but all the sudden that crazy SOB is in 11th place, just 20 points out of the money. He's still suffering in the PPR department, but people are starting to believe. Could 2011 be the year of miracles?

The Day's Biggest Loser

Kyle Seymour lost 31 on West Virginia, while Will Byrum took a 34-point hit on Missouri. Is it possible his UNC background led him to make an anti-State pick in anger?

Old School v. New School

The old school took a big hit with yesterday's upsets, while Grell led the new schoolers back to a 10-point margin.

Old School Average: 99.8
New School Average: 109.1

We're just waiting for the New Year, new schoolers. Get ready to feel the cruel whiplash of stings.

Helter Skelter vs. Dirty Vegas vs. Shouting Siblings

This is the one where we use three contestants to determine whether it's better to make your picks using a coin and a hat, picking by the spread, or relying on random outbursts from teenagers.

Helter Skelter came back down to Earth yesterday, and is now 6-5 with her coin flips. West Virginia, her alma mater, is the one school she didn't pick from a hat. It was a sentimental choice, and it cost her. She's still scored big on her 6 wins, though, and retains the lead. Dave Ryder continues to prove that picking the favorites based on the spread is not an effective strategy, as he finds himself smack dab in the middle of the pack. Favorites were only 16-17 straight up last year, and they're 5-6 thus far in 2010-11. The shouting siblings strategy, meanwhile, is starting to pay off for Emily Radford, who is only 4-7 but has moved from last to 27th.

Helter Skelter: 155
Dirty Vegas: 98
Shouting Siblings: 93

Young vs. Old

This is Spike Friedman vs. Tom Cowell, who represent youth and age in the Bowl Pool. Spike's apathetic approach has landed him in dead last at 59 points, while Tom Cowell's slow meanderings have relegated him to 70 points and 41st place. Which incompetent gambler will blink first? Or, more appropriately, which one will stop blinking over and over?

Eric(k)s vs. Toms vs. Females

Eric(k)s: 283
Females: 279
Toms: 250

Oh my! The Eric(k)s have taken the lead! I haven't seen anything like this since Samanthas vs. Theodores vs. Ernestines in 1894!

Family Time

The Currys are UNSHAKEABLE!

Curry (Mike & Patricia, husband/wife): 277
Shane Ryan/Ryder (uncle/nephew): 265
Zehringer/Sarver (father/son-in-law): 255
Kairalla (John & Phil, father/son): 245
Ryan (Dan & Steve, brothers): 229
McLaughlin/Moore (cousins): 211
Mooney (Brendan & Dan, brothers): 194
Cowell/Fisch (father/son-in-law): 177
Cacchione (Fred & Tom, father/son): 165

More updates later...

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