Friday, December 31, 2010

Standings, 1/1

Happy New Year's to everyone.

Yesterday was an absolute bloodbath, with only one contestant, Andy Watson, picking 3 of 4 games correctly. On the flip side, a whole bunch of people went 0 for 4. There wasn't a ton of movement in the standings, but Kyle Seymour did manage to sneak into first place with well-timed Notre Dame-21 and Florida State-32 picks.

Briefly, because I'm tired, the Magnificent Currys are leading Family Time, the Eric(k)s are just slightly ahead of the females, Spike is leading Tom Cowell by 2 points (they're in 42nd and 43rd, respectively), the New School has a commanding lead over the Old School, Kyle Seymour, Shane Ryan, Sean Marshall, Richard Sarver, and Andy Watson have the best records at 13-9, while Dan Mooney is alone on the Schneid at 6-16.

The Health Report, based on points and PPR, and then I'm off to bed.

1. Kyle Seymour. Health: 8.0. CURRENT FAVORITE.
2. Mike Curry. Health: 4.5. Projected: 14th
3. Patricia Curry. Health: 4.0. Projected: 16th
4. Phil Kairalla. Health 7.5. Projected: 2nd
5. Greg Blanco. Health: 7.0. Projected: 4th
6. Alan Shaw. Health: 7.0. Projected: 5th
7. Erik Grell. Health: 5.0. Projected: 13th
8. Shane Ryan. Health: 7.0. Projected: 3rd
9. Dan Ryan. Health: 6.5. Projected: 8th.
10. Sean Marshall. Health: 6.5. Projected: 7th.
11. Richard Sarver. Health: 6.0. Projected: 9th.
12. Brendan Mooney. Health: 7.0. Projected: 6th.
13. Dylan Hulser. Health: 5.5. Projected: 10th.
14. Dave Bragg. Health: 5.5. Projected: 11th.
15. Will Byrum. Health: 4.0. Projected: 17th.

Sleepers: Erik Kallevig, Fred Cacchione, Eric Thomason.

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