Sunday, December 26, 2010

Standings 12/27

Unbelievable game! Toledo scores and goes for a risky two-point conversion to take a 1-point lead over FIU with 1:30 left. On the next drive, FIU faces a 4th and 17 near midfield and converts on a hook-and-ladder play with a controversial spot. They go on to make a field goal as time expired for the win. Incredible.

Shane Ryan maintains his lead, while Helter Skelter, aka Patricia Curry, nails FIU-34 to shoot up to second. The day's biggest loser was Steve Ryan, who had Toledo-27. Erik Grell was the day's other big winner with FIU-33.

The Currys re-took the lead in Family Time, Females now lead Eric(k)s and Toms, Old Men lead Young Men 147-122, and the first-years are beating the second-years with an average of 90-86.

Bowl Season is heating up! More thorough update coming on Tuesday morning.

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