Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Mormons Strike Again, 12/23

Another day, another underdog ruining bowl season for the rest of us. Last night, Oregon State (this close from being in the Rose Bowl, mind you) looked totally hapless against a surprising BYU team that jumped down their throats from the outset. 44 points later, another favorite had bit the dust. Underdogs are now 3-1 in bowl games. Some notes, and then the new standings:

*6 of 33 entries took BYU. Congrats to Tim, Nate, Brian, Joe, and the Brothers Mooney (who I confirmed this morning are not Mormons, just good at picking upsets). Nate also owns the unique distinction of being the one dude who has yet to pay the ten dollar entry fee, so unless things change by, say, Friday, this nice pick will go for naught. Ahem.

*Patricia 'Coin Flip' Curry suffered her first loss of the year, as the penny, nickel, dime, or quarter she used chose BYU. However, hers is now the only entry with a record above .500, and she remains in second place.

*Jordan Glickson maintains his top spot, despite picking Oregon State last night. Rounding out the unchanged top 3 is Spike Friedman.

*Dan Mooney was yesterday's big winner with BYU-20. He surged up to a tie for 4th, while Brian L. crawled out of the cellar with BYU-14.

*Remaining at the bottom of the heap are our 6 winless wonders: Jeff, Justin, Charles, Nick, Steve, and Team Forsythe.

*Tonight should be interesting, as a majority of entries (21) picked Utah, the underdog. It will be the first game of the year to feature a more even split among the pool. It's also an interesting echo of last night: a mid-level Pac-10 school against a strong team from the Mountain West. Utah took BYU to overtime in the last game of the year, while the Golden Bears lost 42-10 to unranked Washington. It could be a rough night for the Cal backers.

*I'll update tomorrow morning, and I'll try hard to update during the weekend. Shouldn't be too hard, but I'll be traveling, so if there's no post until Monday, rest assured that I haven't abandoned the pool in frustration at my terrible picks. Take care.

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