Monday, December 21, 2009

12/21: Leaderboard Update

The first weekend is officially over, and three games are in the books. Wyoming, Rutgers, and Middle Tennessee State are the early winners. Let's take a look the pool highlights:

*Jordan Glickson, with an insane and awesome pick of Wyoming-33 (winner-priority), is the current leader with 63 points.

*On the flip side of that game, 22 of the 34 entries had Fresno State winning with a priority of 20 or above. Four, including myself, made that their highest priority game. Not a great start.

*Patricia Curry, she of the randomized coin-flip selection strategy, is the only entry to have picked all three games correctly. She stands in second with 47 points. Everyone else can proceed to bang their heads against a wall.

*Only five entries correctly picked Middle Tennessee State to beat Southern Miss. Congrats to Patricia, Noah, Spike, Berko, and Gordy.

*Patricia, Tom, and Jordan were the only ones to correctly pick Wyoming.

*Although only one entry is 3-0, the ranks of the winless are healthy and full: Jeff, Justin, Charles, Brian, Nick, Joe, Steve, and Team Forsythe have yet to hit a game.

*Of 34 participants, all but 3 currently have losing records.

Money Split: There is now $330 in the pool, so unless anyone has a huge objection, the splits will be: $210/80/40 for 1st/2nd/3rd place. Check out the leaderboard below. No games tonight, so the next update will be Wednesday morning.

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