Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Update!

The gifts are opened, I took my jog, and now I fulfill my duty to the Bowl Pool, even on Christmas. SMU's victory over Nevada last night sent most of us reeling, and turned the pool on its head. Let's get to the features:

The Day's Biggest Winner

This goes to Steve Ryan, who made an incredibly bold SMU-29 pick. He's one of only seven entries to correctly pick Southern Methodist. Congrats also to the others: Jeff Hawkins, Justin Fisch, Joe Fisch, Noah Davis, Patricia Curry, and Tom Fisch.

The Day's Biggest Loser

Folks got absolutely killed by this game. At least ten lost 25 points or more (including our leader, Jordan, who had Nevada-32), but the following pitiable entries actually had Nevada as their top priority game: Tim Reale, Dave Ryder (who's getting what he deserves, because he just picked with the spread), and Adam Hammerschmidt.

The Helter Skelter Watch

She's baaacccck! The coin doesn't lie: Patricia had SMU-11 to vault back into second place with 59 points.

The Schneid Watch

It's a sad day for the Schneid, which is now on the endangered species list. Of the four remaining winless entries, three picked SMU. Sayonara Justin Fisch, Jeff Hawkins, and Steve Ryan- you'll be missed. That leaves just a single denizen of the doomed depths. Nick Thomason (0-6), you're one of a kind!

The Brothers Watch

I forgot the Fisch Brothers last time! Here's the update:

The Fisch Brothers, Tom and Joe: 2 entries, 105 points, average: 52.5
The Mooney Brothers, Dan and Brendan: 2 entries, 68 points, average: 34
The Ryan Brothers, Steve and Dan: 2 entries, 40 points, average: 20
The Thomason Brothers, Nick and Eric: 2 entries, 27 points, average: 13.5
The Brothers Forsythe, Jeremy and ?? (fill me in, J): 1 entry, 9 points, average: 9

Young vs. Old

Tom Cowell is stuck on 4 points, and we're still investigating to find out our youngest competitor.

The Over .500 Club

In this crazy year of the Underdog, there's only one. Ladies and gentlemen, you know who it has to be...HELTER SKELTER, QUEEN OF THE QUARTER, Patricia Curry!

The Relative Game

Rankings, 12/25: 2, 3, 7, 8, 11, 17, 24, 29, 30, 31
Strength of our gene pool: Average (woo-hoo!)

Happy Christmas, everyone. Last, a congrats to Tom Fisch, who jumps into a tie for second with his SMU-20 pick. Next update on Sunday, most likely.

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  1. The Seymour factor kicks in at 1pm EST on December 26th. Charged Electrons