Thursday, December 31, 2009

12/31: Calm Before the Storm

To continue my Tour de France metaphor from yesterday, we've now completed the early flat stages. Initial positions are set and we have an idea of the strongest competitors, but, starting today, WE ENTER THE MOUNTAINS.

Over the past couple weeks, we've gone through 14 games, but there are 15 over the next three days alone. The leaderboard could get real topsy turvy, and it should be fun. I'm going to try to update a couple times per day (not because I'm extra committed, but because it should make it easier for me...also, I have firm plans not to move from my couch until Monday morning at 3:45am).

Last night, our leader Tom Fisch scored a big win with Nebraska, but the top tightened up due to our latest....


Jordan Glickson, who hit an enormous Idaho-21 pick to move within striking distance of the leader. He was one of only 4 people to pick Idaho, and it goes nicely with his earlier Wyoming-33 selection. Is he great at picking a rare underdog, or does he just really like states from Big Sky country? We may never know.

Biggest Winner, Biggest Loser

You may notice today's post is a bit abridged. Work is keeping me busy, so I have to be fast. Jordan was the big winner with 38 points between two picks, while Emily Radford makes her second straight appearance as the biggest loser, dropping 45 points over two games.

Helter Skelter vs. By-the-Numbers

Two more underdogs won last night, and Patricia's coin called one of them. Her lead is 119-86.

The Schneid Watch

Charles Rosen missed both games last night to fall to an abysmal 3-11. Nick Thomas, not to be outdone, stayed close with two losses of his own. He's close by at 4-10.

Battle of the Brothers

Fisches have the lead over the Mooneys, 345-327. Verrrry close. Should be mentioned that the Mooneys are now 3rd and 4th in the overall pool.

Young vs. Old

Tom Cowell moved up the leaderboard using tricks he learned in bread lines during the Great Depression, but Spike Friedman, who enjoys listening to rap music and being sullen around his parents, still holds a commanding 154-71 lead.

That's it for today! Standings below, see you tomorrow.

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