Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Standings, 1/5

Friends of the pool,

Sorry for the late update again. The good news is that all internet connectivity problems are resolved, and we're back in business. Starting tomorrow, I'll be updating until Friday with the full roster of features and standings. Today, just standings, which should be fascinating enough.

Herman Rodriguez is our new leader, narrowly edging out Kyle Seymour with a brilliant Boise State-23 pick. One Keppel-bomb was dodged by TCU losing, but he's still very much in the hunt. And guess who's back? HELTER-SKELTER! If Iowa happens to win tonight, she's right back in winner's mix. Except, there's CONTROVERSY! On her prediction sheet, she listed "Iowa St." as the winner of tonight's game. As we know, Iowa St. is not playing. Should we give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she meant Iowa, or should we take the hard line and give her nothing regardless of the outcome??

George: I'm sorry. The card says "Moops."
Bubble Boy: It doesn't matter. It's the Moors. There's no "Moops."
George: It's "Moops."
Bubble Boy: Moors.
George: "Moops!"
Bubble Boy: Moors.

See you all tomorrow.

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