Monday, January 4, 2010

Standings, 1/4

Hello, my friends. Apologies for the lateness, but there have been some internet issues at home which prevent me from easily e-mailing myself the various spreadsheets. The standings today will not look as pretty as in the past, and will not include PPR, but I'm hoping those issues will be resolved by tomorrow. So, here's how it played out after that Michigan State - Texas Tech game:

Kyle Seymour 339
Tom Fisch 332
Brendan 328
Herman 322
Joe Keppel 313
Dan Ryan 302
Dan Mooney 300
Jordan Glickson 298
Kevin Francke 286
Jeff Hawkins 279
Eric Thomason 279
Steve Ryan 278
Dave Ryder 278
Adam Hammerschmidt 272
Gordon Dupuis 268
Patricia Curry 267
Julio McLaughlin 265
Forsythes 260
Tim Reale 250
Billy M. 246
Jake Berkowitz 245
Brian Leitten 241
Justin Fisch 231
Tom Cowell 229
Noah Davis 220
Nick Thomason 220
Joe Fisch 217
Spike Friedman 216
Nate Purinton 210
Me 191
Charles Rosen 176
Emily Radford 167

The big news, as you can see, is that Kyle Seymour is our new leader. Unfortunately, it will be very, very difficult for him to hang on to this position over the last four games. The fan favorite and the odds-on winner at this point is, believe it or not, Joe Keppel. Although he's only in fifth place, he has over 100 PPR in his last four games. If the results go as expected (TCU, Central Michigan, Alabama), it will be tough for anyone to hold him off. If the year of the upset continues, though, it's anybody's game!

Back to the features and everything tomorrow when the internet stuff is sorted out. Welcome back to the world of work, bowlers. Boise State - TCU tonight.

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